The Effect of Video Clips on Students’ Speaking Performances




English speaking, role-play, technology, video-based instruction


The literature review is aimed at enhancing the quality of speaking English learning through video clips. The paper's objectives are to use technology to stimulate students’ interest in learning English and to how teachers accelerate students’ speaking English learning in their classroom. One of the reasons is that frameworks of language function constrain the design of teaching methods and curricula, and so this skill is often only used as a motivator or to enrich language teaching activities. The participants are one hundred eleven students at Thanh Loc high school 11th Grade and Five English Teachers. Data collection includes analyzing and discussing the obtained data in light of the theoretical basis of combining teaching speaking skills to develop inter-communication competence for learners, and the teacher makes specific recommendations on classroom teaching design and the professional development of learners in the file of technology.

Author Biography

Dinh Thi Hong Thuy, Thanh Loc Middle and High School, Kien Giang, Vietnam

Dinh Thi Hong Thuy is an English teacher at Thanh Loc Middle and High school in Giong Rieng district, Kien Giang province in Vietnam. Up to now, she has been teaching for twenty years and has a lot of experience in teaching methods and student psychology, problems students face in learning each time they encounter difficulties.



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